Festival du Voyageur’s much loved vibe will be front and center during this unique new event, but we are heating things up for the summer and giving it a Cajun culinary and cultural twist with unique activities and programming offered throughout the night in all of the fort’s cabins.

  • Vin pour 20$ – Participants will have a blast wagering $20 for a chance to win a high quality bottle of wine in the Trading Post. The value of each bottle will vary between $10 and $50. In this game every player is guaranteed a bottle of wine, win or lose.
  • Clou’ donc – A classic Festival du Voyageur game where the simple act of hammering a nail into a log becomes an intense competition. This event will be hosted in The Workshop presented by Big Rock Breweries
  • Steel Of A Deal – The party keeps heating up in the Blacksmith’s Shop with Steel Of A Deal, an interactive activity where Fort Gibraltar’s blacksmith will create a handmade metal ornament and will allow for guests to add their own personal touch. The Blacksmith’s Shop is presented by Leclerc Courier.
  • La Cantine Salope – For fans of kitchen parties, The Winterer’s Cabin presented by Westeel is the place to be for an authentic voyageur bar experience.
  • Silent AuctionLa Maison du Bourgeois will host a silent auction featuring a variety of quality prizes generously provided by local businesses and organizations.
  • Shoot the Rapids – Participants will have to try their luck with a new voyageur-style take on Plinko with prizes to win. This game will be set up in the fort’s courtyard.
  • In Concert: Guests will also want to stick around for a special performance from Winnipeg’s very own – The Dirty Catfish Brass Band.