“Tuque and Boots” Promotional Sculptures

Buy your own “tuque and boots” sculpture to promote your business! The size of the sculpture is  4′ x 4′ x 2′. The sculpture can either be on Provencher Blvd. ($350+GST) or at another location ($400+GST). Order your sculpture now by filling out the order form.


Sculptures in Voyageur Park

Together a team of sculptor work to transform Whittier Park into what will become, for the duration of Festival du Voyageur, a magical place called Voyageur Park. The sculptors manage, every year, to transform 450,000 ft3 of snow into a winter wonderland. From the moment you set foot in Voyageur Park, you are greeted by a gigantic sculpture reaching up to 50ft long and 18ft high. A little further, you’ll come across a fantasy land for the adventurous little ones who aren’t afraid to make the most out of a refreshing winter day!


Sculptures in Winnipeg

In the month leading to Festival du Voyageur Winnipeg metamorphoses into a city-wide outdoor gallery. Sculptures can be seen all over town and are a friendly reminder that Festival du Voyageur is just around the corner. Every year, Festival’s sculptors create unique pieces varying in style and size, bringing life and joy to the then hibernating neighbourhoods. Every resident or visitor that passes by one of these sculpture witnesses a unique creation that will be forever lost when spring settles back in.

Sculpture locations
Norwood Brigdge (St- Mary’s at Marion)
Provencher at St-Joseph
Provencher at Archibald
River at Osborne
Club Regent Casino (1415 Regent W Ave.)
Sage Creek Neighbourhood
Main at Broadway
Manitoba Legislative Building (450 Broadway)


International Snow Sculpting Symposium


Presented by Air Canada

Festival du Voyageur’s International Snow Sculpting Symposium gives sculptors from around the world the opportunity to express themselves in a spirit of mutual support and cooperation, through a short-lived art medium that has evolved since many generations. Each team is asked to create a piece of art out of a simple block of snow measuring 3m x 3.7m x 3.7m (10’ x 12’ x 12’), inspired by their experience at Festival du Voyageur or simply guided by their own imagination.


2014 TEAMS


Team: Lauri Tamm, Mari Hilemae
Sculpture: Dream


Team: Álvaro Martínez Mejia, David Maciel Martinez, Ana Cristina Mejía Botero
Sculpture : Turbine


Netherlands / Manitoba
Team: Wilco Lensink, Allan Fogg
Sculpture: XLV


Catalunya / Spain
Team: Lluis Ribalta Coma-Cros, Enrique Rocha Robinson
Sculpture: Homage to Pau Casals


Team: Franziska Agrawal, Eric Mutel, Markus Kosel, Katja Kulenkampff
Sculpture: Apacheta-Volante #3


United States
Team: Robert Fulks, Sean Gallagher, Bryan Martin
Sculpture: Tatoo Repurposed


Team: Lorenzo Montagni, Valerio Mirannalti
Sculpture: Three Dimension


France / Germany
Team: Fabien Champeval, Friederike Schroth
Sculpture: Émergence


Team: Gian Mario Bonfadini, Nadia Braito
Sculpture: Roundabout Strip


Team: Karl Chilcott, Christine Chilcott
Sculpture: Snowgrange