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For the 47th edition of Festival du Voyageur, there will be 2 Market Days offered to our visitors. They will be located on the east side of the park grounds in the Portage Tent, of which will be showcasing 10 different artisans every Saturday in its heated 4,800 sq. ft. tent with a woodchip floor.

We encourage you to use the information guide to learn more about the opportunities we offer vendors and we look forward to bringing even more people to Festival du Voyageur.

To register, please fill out the registration form.

All applications must be submitted by October 30, 2015 and must include:
• A completed application form
• Good quality photographs or samples of your work. FDV assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to the sample items.
• A complete list of items you wish to sell. Only approved items may be sold.
• A photograph or sketch of your display.
• Résumé of your related experience, education, shows, awards, etc.