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Festival du Voyageur’s International Snow Sculpting Symposium gives sculptors from around the world the opportunity to express themselves in a spirit of mutual support and cooperation, through a short- lived art medium that has evolved over many generations. Each team is asked to create a piece of art out of a simple block of snow measuring 3m x 3.7m x 3.7m (10’ x 12’ x 12’), inspired by their experience at Festival du Voyageur or simply guided by their own imagination.

Submissions for snow sculpture projects will be accepted until October 20, 2017. Submissions can be made online using the below form or can be printed (see PDF document below) and mailed, faxed or sent by email.

Symposium Invitation


The International Snow Sculpture Symposium will take place February 14 to 19, 2018 in Voyageur Park in Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, Canada during the Festival du Voyageur, Western Canada’s largest winter festival.
There is no theme imposed for the snow sculpture symposium. You may entertain any ideas that you have been anxious to create in a large format. This is an opportunity to explore a marriage of your creative ideas and the wonderful medium of snow.
The Symposium is open to all those who have experience in snow sculpting and/or sculpture. The teams will be selected according to the following criteria:
• Team members’ experience in sculpture
• The originality and visual interest of the chosen subject
• Previous experience in ephemeral materials
• The physical and artistic qualities of the proposed sculpture
There are no registration fees. Each team must complete the following:
• A registration form filled and completed with all the pertinent information
• A precise drawing of the sculpture and a description of the concept. (Photos of a scale model will also serve the purpose)
• Photos of previous sculptures (snow or other medium) created by the members of the team
• A description of the experience of the team members

The registration form must be completed and sent to the Festival du Voyageur inc. office by October 20, 2017.

Each team can have a maximum of three (3) participants but a minimum of two (2) must reside or be native to the country they represent. We recommend that each team have a minimum of two (2) members represented by a captain and sculptors.
The dimensions of each block are 3 m x 3.7 m x 3.7 m (10’ x 12’ x 12’). All sides of the block should be sculpted, as visitors will have access to all sides of the sculpture. All blocks are formed with natural snow.
The sculptors must provide most of their sculpting tools. The Festival du Voyageur will provide a heated rest shelter, toilets on site and a basic toolkit for each team. We will also make available ladders, shovels and other snow moving equipment. Electric and mechanical tools are prohibited. Sculptors should bring their own finishing tools. Water and snow are the only materials allowed in the construction of the sculpture. Ice will be permitted but not provided. No other support materials will be permitted.
Winter clothing will not be provided by the organization. All sculptors are responsible for adequate winter clothing for the conditions including outerwear (jackets and pants) boots, mitts and toques.
A work schedule will be created in order to maximize the hours spent creating the sculpture during the four (4) days of the symposium. However, we ask all sculptors to respect the times for all meals and the work schedule will remain flexible allowing all to complete their sculpture.
We will be able to provide some financial assistance to help with transportation to Winnipeg. Local transportation, meals and lodging will be provided. Sculptors will be lodged (1 hotel room per team for a maximum of 5 nights) at the Fairmont Winnipeg located in downtown Winnipeg just a short distance from the Symposium site. The Festival du Voyageur will not be responsible for personal expenses. The hotel will ask for a credit card once registered for such expenses.

If teams are comprised of additional members, travel cost will have to be paid by the individuals.
Local transport between the airport, hotel and Voyageur Park will be provided and coordinated later upon arrival.

*The Symposium sponsors are subject to the renewal of their agreements and may change at any time without notice.

• Application deadline – October 20, 2017.
• Confirmation with participating teams deadline– October 27, 2017.
• Arrivals in Winnipeg – February 14, 2018.
• The International Snow Sculpting Symposium – February 14-19, 2018.
• Symposium banquet – February 18, 2018.
• Departures from Winnipeg – February 20, 2018.
• Festival du Voyageur – February 16-25, 2018.
Christel Lanthier
International Snow Sculpture Symposium Coordinator
[email protected]


  • *Names of the participants must be identical to the names on their passports

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